Looking for a part-time IT Specialist?

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a new Web Server
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Get the skills you need within your company budget

Hiring a Fractional CTO with experience in multiple industries and a broad skillset can provide you with the strategic advantage and versatility you need to navigate complex technological landscapes and drive innovation.

Ensure that your technology aligns with your business goals without having to "try" over and over at high costs.

Some benefits of hiring a Fractional CTO

  • Much lower cost than full-time staff
  • Mitigates risks across multiple IT branches
  • Industry knowledge paired with strong IT experience
  • Seasoned experience and business acumen in multiple job sectors
  • Long-term business model in an industry where most staff¬†

Do you need IT services part-time or for a specific project?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, we can help.

Expert Needed On Budget

You are a non-technical founder or have just few developers in your team but no technical leader with right expertise.

Web or Mobile App

You have a software product idea ready but don't know how to get the project completed and launched.

Barrier When Explaining Concept

Transferring your concept to programmers without industry experience can lead to unwanted results.


You are about to outsource your software development project or about to create your own in-house team.

Build a sound IT strategy that fits your budget.

Legacy Systems & Connectivity

You need to interface your current systems to work with online application or other systems.

IT Review & Strategy

Your current IT infrastructure is getting too complicated and costly.

IT Presence For Investors

You need to raise another round of funding. A Fractional CTO can represent the technology side of your company in front of the investors and answer their questions.

Staff Emergency

You lost a key IT staff and need emergency support by a seasoned IT specialist.

Need assistance? We can help you.

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