A Fractional CTO can help you build an IT strategy and assist you with implementation based on your budget and resources.

Fractional CTO Services

Are you a non-technical founder?
Do you have few developers in your team but need a technical leader with the right expertise?

We provide services hourly, on retainer or based on custom projects.

IT Projects Management

Do you have a software product idea ready but don't know how to get the project completed and launched?

Indyo Systems provides custom and CTO-led software development for Web and Mobile Apps.

Limited Business Experience?

Is your idea getting lost in translation? Coders without industry experience can lead to unwanted results and delays.

A CTO with solid business acumen will help avoid "redo delays".

Custom Sites & Apps Development

Are you thinking of outsourcing services for your custom project or you are about to create your own in-house team?

We can provide solutions with access to hundreds of fully qualified developers and designers from around the globe.

Legacy Systems & Connectivity

You need to interface your current systems to work with online application or other systems.

IT Review & Strategy

Your current IT infrastructure is getting too complicated and costly.

IT Presence For Investors

You need to raise another round of funding. A Fractional CTO can represent the technology side of your company in front of the investors and answer their questions.

Staff Emergency

You lost a key IT staff and need emergency support by a seasoned IT specialist.